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PETROYATECH was founded in 2020 with its goal mainly focused on oil and gas well testing technology and services. Our team members are top university-graduated professionals and subject matter experts (SME) who are highly motivated and determined in finding and establishing innovative solutions and digitalization of conventional methods in the oil and gas industry. Moreover, the leadership team has many years of national and international experience in the oil & gas industry.

A variety of engineering disciplines and science majors have come together to not only solve and facilitate the current challenges but also expand the horizons toward the development of technologies and solutions that make the current methods smart and easier to do with lower costs. The company’s identity is the attitudes of its young and experienced motivated members, the satisfaction of its customers, and the social responsibilities they are committed to.

History of VG MPFM Development


PETROYATECH will aim to become a leader in MPFM solutions and provide all solutions and services for both full packages, well testing, and production monitoring, one step toward energy management and production optimization of customers’ oil and gas assets.


PETROYATECH’s mission is:

  • To provide oil and gas companies with appropriate Multiphase Flow Metering Solutions based on their needs and requirements.
  • To become a competitive MPFM provider with the highest quality and standards.