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PETROYATECH designed a three-phase flow loop that could operate at a pressure of 5 bar. The horizontal section of the flow loop is about 10m in which all pipes are 3-inch made of carbon steel. The structure is equipped with a large three-phase separator with a total volume of 3000 liters. A conventional gravity-based separator was utilized to segregate three phases.

Currently used fluids for three phases are:

  • Freshwater (salinity option is possible)
  • Refined oil (SAE 10) with a viscosity of 130 cp and a density of 835 kg/m3 @ STD
  • Dry air

A PLC and the commercial software program Factory Link will be used to collect, process, and store all the flow loop parameters on a dedicated computer. Key engineering variables such as pressure, temperature, total volumetric flow rate, GVF, and WLR at meter inlet conditions will be calculated and displayed on a computerized flow diagram. The PLC software has built-in alarms and ESD functions in case of emergency and system failure.