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Once comprehensive safety and performance FAT was performed at PETROYATECH PetroLoop, VG MPFM was undergone an actual field trial in Azadegan oil field to evaluate the system performance in real field conditions. Several flowing conditions were nominated with the main characterizations as follows:

  • Variable GOR (100 to 1000 SCF/STB)

  • Different oil API (18 to 36)

  • Drastic oil viscosity variation (5 to 1200 cp)

  • Different flowing conditions (naturally and gas lifting)

  • Low flowing pressure (70 to 200 psi)

  • High GVF condition (> 95%)

  • Varying flow temperature (70 to 170 degF)

It is worth mentioning that the field evaluation trials were conducted under the supervision of NIOC’s expert production engineers for over 30 operation days in October and November 2022.

The VG results were compared against the measurements of reference conventional test separators and shown that VG MPFM provides good agreement in flow parameters in such a way that the maximum liquid rate difference was less than 5% rel., maximum gas rate difference was less than 10% rel. and maximum water cut difference with laboratory results of taken samples was less than 2% abs. Finally, the overall performance of the newly developed VG MPFM was officially accepted and appreciated by NIOC.