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VG MPFM Skid-mounted Multiphase Flow Meter


VG Multi-Phase Flow Meter makes advantages of Gamma-ray absorptiometry in combination with a venturi tube and capacitance-based water cut meter to give a sense of fluid velocity, phase fractions, and phase features as well as flow regimes. Measurement of oil/water/gas three-phase flows independent of flow regime and water salinity is what a field operator expects from an ideal MPFM and our proposed configuration can meet this requirement. Remote access and monitoring, accurate, precise, and repeatable online measurements in any multiphase flow regime make VG MPFM appropriate for offshore and onshore platforms even in unmanned and outlying places.


  • Water Cut Measuring Range (WC): 0-100%
  • Gas Volume Fraction Range (GVF): 0-98%
  • Inlet Pipe Size: 2-6 inch
  • Design pressure: 0-270 bar
  • Design temperature: -20-120°C
  • Body materials: SS 316L
  • Communication interface: RS-485, Ethernet
  • Certifications: ATEX, IECEx, and CE

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